Schedule Your Child’s Back-to-School Eye Exam Today

Back-to-school eye exams might not be on the top of your to-do list this school year, but it is something you should consider adding to ensure your children fully absorb materials and lessons within and outside classroom walls.

One out of four children have vision problems and yet only 50 percent of parents with children under the age of 12 have taken them to visit an eye care professional. If you have never visited the eye doctor with your child, we have listed some definitions and tips, so you are fully prepared for your first appointment.

Eye Exams vs. Vision Screenings

There are very important differences between an eye exam and a vision screening. A comprehensive eye exam checks for visual acuity, chronic diseases, color vision and makes sure your child’s eyes are working together in harmony. Screenings, on the other hand, only determine the eye’s visual acuity, or sharpness of vision from a distance.

Many schools offer free visual screenings for children, but these do not check for near vision issues, which can cause farsightedness to be missed all together. This can mean that a child can pass a vision screening because they are able to see the board, but they may not be able to easily see the textbook in front of them. To ensure your kids are learning at their best, schedule an eye exam at Logan Eye Care for a full checkup.

Determining If Your Child Has a Vision Problem

A child with a vision problem is not likely to speak up to their teachers or parents about it because, more often than not, they might not realize the issue. Therefore, it is vital for parents as well as teachers to watch for certain symptoms, such as:

Frequent headaches
Tendency to look away from their work and fidget
Excessive eye rubbing and blinking
Short attention span for close work
Poor reading ability
Squinting repetitively 

Several of these symptoms sound like those related to ADHD, and that is no coincidence. It can be frustrating for a child to not be able to focus on close up objects, thus making it difficult to concentrate on their schoolwork.

The vast majority of learning at school is visual—make your child’s eyesight a priority this school year. Logan Eye Care provides thorough comprehensive eye exams for children ages five and older. Schedule a back-to-school eye exam with Dr. Logan today to ensure your kids are seeing and feeling their best.

If you have any more questions about keeping your eyes safe and healthy while swimming around this summer, contact Dr. Logan at Logan Eye Care in Lake Mary, Florida.